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Two Spectres!! Empty Two Spectres!!

Post by Andrew on 3rd May 2015, 11:59 am

The first of these became the Back Porch Majority in '67. The members were; Jim Chalmers (b), Rod Rickwood (r.g), John Cogill (d), Bary McClean (l.v), Colin Latimer (l.g). Taped some numbers for properity, "It Should’ve Been Me (Memphis Curtis cover)/ In My Book (Easybeats cover) / Blues Standard (Yardbirds type original)".

And another one with Paul Simpson, "I was in a band called just Spectre (wonder if the listing for The Spectres is us or for another band with that exact name). Three of us were students at The Gap High School 1963-66. Our drummer attended Brisbane Technical College (later QUT). We were active mainly in the inner western suburbs (Ashgrove, Bardon, Red Hill, The Gap) in 1966/67. We did compete in The Battle of The Bands at Greenmount in 1966 – was that one of the reference sources used for the listings?
Paul Simpson (former Spectre lead guitarist/vocalist)"

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