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Band members:-
Mick Hadley (l.v), Bob Dames (b), Barry Lyde (l.g), Adrian “Red” Redmond (d), and Paul Steffen (r.g). Glenn Wheatley replaced Paul Steffen in August ’65 (reason: conscription), Freddy Pickard replaced Glenn Wheatley in August ’65, Tony Cahill replaced “Red” Redmond in December ’65, and Barry Lyde left the ‘Hearts in February ’67 – not replaced.

Formerly known as The Impacts (from 1963 to early 1965, before switching their name after Saturday, 13 March, 1965.

Record releases:-
Talking About You/Louie Louie (Soundtrack demo) c.August 1965
Long Legged Baby/Gloria (Soundtrack demo) c.August 1965

Long Legged Baby/Here ‘Tis (Sunshine QK-1138) October 1965
Of Hopes and Dreams and Tombstones/I’m Gonna Try (Sunshine QK-1213) February 1966
Early in the Morning/Just a Little Bit (Sunshine QK-1448) August 1966
The Sound of the Purple Hearts EP; Of Hopes And Dreams And Tombstones/I'm Gonna Try//Here 'Tis/Long Legged Baby (Sunshine QX-11,173) 1966

You Can’t Sit Down/Tiger in Your Tank (Sunshine QK-1589) January 1967
Chicago/Bring It on Home Sunshine (QK-1736) April 1967

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