[GROUP] THE AVENGERS (1964-1969)

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[GROUP] THE AVENGERS (1964-1969) Empty [GROUP] THE AVENGERS (1964-1969)

Post by Andrew on 5th May 2015, 6:21 pm

Band members:-
Ross “Dick” Bentley (l.v), Keith Ryan (l.g), Garth Austin (b), Graham “Mick” Monaghan (d) and Graeme Rabnott (r.g) – Roger Jellicoe replaced Ryan in Sept. ’65, Peter Day replaced Austin in late ’66, Don Lebler replaced Monaghan (National Service) in April ’68, John “Flaps” Phelps joined as a keyboard player in July ’68, Julian Jones replaced Bentley in July ’68, Keith “Stretch” Kerwin repl. Jellicoe/Rabnott in Jan. ’69.

Formerly known as the Tropics.

Record releases:-
Everybody Needs Somebody (4BC acetate) 1967

Good Times, The Letter, Living In A Child’s Dream, Everybody Needs Somebody, Hallelujah, Do You Ever Have To Make Your Mind Up, Out In The Country, Let The Good Times Roll, Matthew and Son (Live at the Glen Hotel, reel-to-reel) 1967

Listen Listen / Just One More Chance (Columbia DO-8657) January 1969 – Other tracks from this session in 1968 were; Revolution, Peak Hour, and Tuesday Afternoon.
Twiddle-E-Dee / Caroline Court (Columbia DO-8756) May 1969 – Other tracks from this session in 1969 were; Riverside. Don’t Be A Lover [all written by Terry Britten]

Winners of the 1968 Hoadley’s Battle of the Sounds – Brisbane heats.

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