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[GROUP] THE BOWERY BOYS (1962-1966) Empty [GROUP] THE BOWERY BOYS (1962-1966)

Post by Andrew on 5th May 2015, 6:34 pm

Band Members:-
Neville Peard (d), Robbie Van Delft (l.g), Michael Wade (b & l.v) & Greg Walker (r.g) – Johhny Gray replaced Michael Wade on bass in early 1965, who was replaced by Michael Wade soon after, Mike Furber came into the band soon after (c.June 1965) doing lead vocals. The Boys became The Bowery Boys after 23 October 1965, and then added “The Mike Furber and” moniker for the first 45 release in December 1965 – the band disband just after the LP release in August 1966.

Formed as ‘The Boys’ by Robbie Van Delft in 1962, named the Bowery Boys around October 1965.

Record releases:-Recordings:
Just a Poor Boy/Mailman Bring Me No More Blues (Sunshine QK-1182) December 1965
You Stole My Love/It’s Gonna Work Out Fine (Sunshine QK-1227; released also on Kommotion KK-1227) February 1966 – Sunshine, 14 April 1966 – Kommotion
You/That’s When Happiness Began (Kommotion KK-1420) August 1966

Just A Poor Boy (Sunshine QX-11143) May 1966
Just A Poor Boy/Mailman Bring Me No More Blues//You’re Back Again/Love Talk

You Stole My Love (Kommotion KX-11204) October 1966
You Stole My Love/It’s Gonna Work Out Fine//You/That’s When Happiness Began

Where Are You? (Kommotion KX-11253) January 1967
Where Are You?/Second Hand People//You’re Back Again/Love Talk

Just a Poor Boy (Kommotion KL-32030) August 1966
Just a Poor Boy/That’s When Happiness Began/You Stole My Love/Diddy Wah Diddy/Mercy Mercy/If You Need Me/Love Talk//Stop/You’re Back Again/Take This Hammer/It’s Gonna Work Out Fine/Mailman Bring Me No More Blues

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