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Post by Andrew on 6th May 2015, 11:13 am

Band Members:-
Barry Gibb, Robin Gibb & Maurice Gibb, later added Colin Petersen (d) & Vince Melouney (l.g).

For a brief moment after their arrival in England in 1967 the group were going to call themselves, “Rupert’s World”.

(Only the 60s recordings) Not completed yet.

The Battle Of The Blue And The Grey [Barry Gibb] / The Three Kisses Of Love [Barry Gibb] (Leedon LK-346) 22 Mar 1963
Timber! [Barry Gibb] / Take Hold Of That Star [Barry Gibb] (Leedon LK-412) June 1963
Peace Of Mind [Barry Gibb] / Don’t Say Goodbye [Barry Gibb] (Leedon LK-534) February 1964
Claustrophobia [Barry Gibb] / Could It Be [Barry Gibb] (Leedon LK-696) 17 August 1964
House Without Windows [Barry Gibb] / And I’ll Be Happy [Barry Gibb] (Leedon LK-829) 18 January 1965 – with Trevor Gordon
Everyday I Have To Cry [Alexander] / You Wouldn’t Know [Barry Gibb] (Leedon LK-920) April 1965
Wine And Women [Barry Gibb] / Follow The Wind [Barry Gibb] (Leedon LK-1070) July 1965
I Was A Lover, A Leader Of Men [Barry Gibb] / And The Children Laughing [Barry Gibb] (Leedon LK-1150) November 1965
I Want Home [Barry Gibb] / Cherry Red [Barry Gibb] (Leedon LK-1282) March 1966
Monday’s Rain [Barry Gibb] / All Of My Life [Barry Gibb] (Spin EK-1384) June 1966
Spicks And Specks [Barry Gibb] / I Am The World [Robin Gibb] (Spin EK-1474) September 1966
Born A Man [Barry Gibb] / Big Chance [Barry Gibb] (Spin EK-1634) January 1967
New York Mining Disaster, 1941 [Barry Gibb, Robin Gibb] / I Can’t See Nobody [Barry Gibb, Robin Gibb] (Spin EK-1798 ) May 1967

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