Lavish (1993 - 2001)

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Lavish (1993 - 2001) Empty Lavish (1993 - 2001)

Post by Dario Western on 24th October 2015, 6:58 am

Lavish were originally a Gold Coast band, but they moved to Brisbane in the mid 1990's.  The main members were lead singer Nathan Thomas (lead vocals), Luke Thomas (bass), Gary Beavis (guitar and vocals), Nigel Lacey (guitar) and Glen Gibson (drums).

They were signed to Festival Records in 1998 and their first and third singles "Trashed" and "Homosapien" got quite a lot of radio airplay, as well as appearing on Hey Hey It's Saturday and Recovery.  However, they were not a majorly successful chart act unlike their peers Powderfinger, Regurgitator, Savage Garden and Custard.

In 2001 they left Festival (now known as Festival-Mushroom Records) and signed with indie label MGM Records for their final EP "Accelerator", which received warm reviews by the critics.

Luke now plays with The Pictures and The Deserters; Nigel is living in London with his long-time partner Shannon; Gary is doing visual arts; and Glen played drums with Crystal Radios and 52 Pickups.  The band's producer Jeff Lovejoy briefly replaced Lacey on guitar in 1999.  

Lavish have their own fan group on Facebook at

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